We mimic the Oracle Audit Methodology.

Our passion is to give our customers the absolutely correct view of their Oracle Technology Products Deployments.  Most Importantly, we keep it simple. We provide directions for re-balancing your Oracle licenses so that you can reduce cost on license and support.

Server Details

Server Model & Instance Names

Instance Based Scripts

Customer runs Rythium scripts on each DB instance

Script Analysis

Rythium analysis the scripts for version, edition, cores, options, management packs

Reports & Advisory

Rythium provides a deployment report with recommendations on managing compliance & reducing costs

We focus on our skills.

We know our core strengths, understand Oracle licensing better than anyone globally & keep honing our skills by regular training and updates. Most Importantly, we understand that our customers need a very quick turnaround. So we stay focused and get the job done quickly.


We give you reports within 24/48/72 hours of receiving the script outputs.


Tell us the number of instances to be analyzed and we give a price.


Our reports will provide you with ammunition & methodology to reduce your Oracle database costs.

We are proud of our work.

Get in touch with us. We will connect you, confidentially, with some of our customers who have benefited by our work.