Automated Agentless Discovery. Provide the IP range. The system discovers all the servers, VMs, instances & products installed.


More than 2500 RISC & Intel Servers manufactured since 2003 embedded into the system. Inputs into the licensing rule engine.


Classify the server per production, DR, standby, development, test status. Decides the recommended license metric to be used.

Operating Systems

All Linux flavours, RISC Unix (AIX, Solaris, HP-UX), Intel Solaris, Microsoft Windows Server, Microsoft Windows


Oracle Database Enterprise Edition, Standard Edition, SE One and SE2, Options, Management Packs

Licensing Rules

Licensing rules since 1996 with all the latest changes as defined. Historical and current licensing metrics


Automated License Deployment Report with details of servers, instances & products installed with licenses calculated


Entitlements with Perpetual, Term & Subscription Licenses. Unlimited & Limited Grants, With and without annual support


License Deployment Report, Entitlement Reports. Compliance Report. All one-click after completion of discovery.

Zero Implementation Time

Amazingly Simple to Use. Minimal Set Ups for Company, Locations and Entitlement

The Oracle Asset Management Tool for IT Operations Teams

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Oracle, Weblogic, Golden Gate are owned by Oracle Corporation. Windows Server, Hyper-V are owned by Microsoft. VMware is owned by VMware. All other brand names, trade marks are owned by their respective companies. Scottdox  & Euladox are owned by Rythium Technologies LLP. You may also be interested in our Anti-Piracy Pledge and the importance of treating Software as an asset and managing them as enterpise assets.