Scottdox for Oracle : Frequently Asked Questions

What is Scottdox ?

Scottdox is a member of Euladox - Rythium's Software Asset Management Suite. Euladox Suite consists of a growing set of products and modules - all integrated and built to work as one comprehensive enterprise application. Presently Euladox Suite consists of the following products:

  • Euladox (avalaible in two editions)
  • Scottdox

Each of the products in the suite can be purchased either separately or as a complete suite. 

Scottdox is specifically meant to manage Oracle Software License Management. 

What  is the process followed  by  Scottdox for  License  Management ?

Scottdox is built on Rythium's proprietary 'DEC Framework for License Management" DEC stands for Discovery, Entitlement & Compliance. 

Scottdox first discovers the hardware on which Oracle products are deployed, then checks for the licensable programs to provide you an enterprise wide deployment report. The deployment report takes into account all the licensing rules generally provided by Oracle. The entitlements include the product use rights. Compliance reports are provided on the fly on completion of discovery and input of entitlements. 

Please connect with us to get more information on our DEC Framework. This framework has been specifically developed for Software Asset Management

What  are the programs  presently discovered by Scottdox ?

Currently Scottdox  caters to Oracle Database License Management. 

Scottdox discovers the following:

  • Physical / Virtual Server  or Desktop/Laptop on which Oracle database is deployed.
  • Details of the server socket & processor configurations
  • Virtualisation & Partitioning technologies used to deploy Oracle.
  • Oracle database version and edition
  • Options & Management packs that are installed & enabled.
What  platforms does Scottdox cater to ?

Scottdox discovers Oracle products deployed on the following operating system  platforms :

  • Windows Desktop OS
  • Windows Server
  • Linux (all flavours)
  • UNIX
    • Solaris
    • AIX
    • HP UX

Scottdox discovers the following virtualization technologies :

  • VMware (ESX & ESXi)
  • MS Hyper-V
  • Citrix
  • OVM
  • KVM

Scottdox caters to the following partitioning technologies :

  • LPAR
  • Zones
What is the roadmap for other Oracle products ?

As discussed, Scottdox caters to Oracle database, options & management packs at present. 

Going forward, all Oracle technology products will be included for discovery and compliance management. 

Please return to the site to see future announcements.

What are the reports available in Scottdox ?

The following reports are available in Scottdox:

  • Global Deployment Report.
    • This is a report giving you granular details of all your Oracle database deployments - database versions/editions, instances, options installed, management packs, server (physical & virtual) information. You can make changes to environment status(Production, DR, Standby, Test) & Licensing metrics helping you understand your deployments correctly. 
  • Root Cause Analysis Report
    • This report gives you the reasons why the usage of specific options or management packs are being used. Will help you understand your applications better and give you guidance for license optimisation.
  • Entitlement Report
    • This report gives you details of entitlement. All details like limited, unlimited, perpetual, term, subscription, with or without support are provided.
  • Licenses Deployed Report
    • This report provides information on how many license have been deployed. Takes into account all licensing rules and information you have provided on your specific entitlements.
  • Compliance Report
    • This report gives you the gap-anlaysis. Gives you information on how many licenses you need to procure / how many license are in excess usage. 
What are the report formats?

Scottdox reports are available in PDF or MS Excel formats. There is a also report viewer within the application.

Will Scottdox work for multiple data centres ?

Yes, Absolutely. Scottdox will work for multiple data centres. 

Your enterprise might have one or more data centres, one or more locations where Oracle has been deployed. The system has been designed in a manner that will discover all your deployments with 100% accuracy and provide you with location based deployment reports. 

Will Scottdox work for group level procurement?

Yes, Absolutely. 

Rythium's SAM Suite - Euladox - has been designed keeping real life procurement scenarios in mind. Group level procurement for certain products, single entity level procurement for a few other products, multiple license usage scenarios can be modelled. 

Scottdox is a module within our Euladox suite and inherits all the entitlement management functionalities of Euladox.

Scottdox , when procured separately, has functionality built in all procurement types for Oracle licenses and support.

Why was Scottdox built?

Rythium is in the business of developing Software Asset Management solutions - the most positive movement in the IT world to optimise software investments, be compliant to vendor/publisher contractual obligations, prevent overspending and be proactive in purchasing additional licenses when needed from publishers.

Rythium's flagship application is Euladox - our Software Asset Management Suite. 

Scottdox is a member of the Euladox Suite specifically targeted to enterprises deploying Oracle and wishing to remain compliant with Oracle's license terms.

What are the actions to be taken after getting Scottdox reports?

This is the question we are always asked . And, some of, our answers do not please customers. 

Having said that, the actions you could take after running Scottdox and getting the reports are:

  • Check your applications to understand whether the options enabled are actually being used. 
  • Disable those options that are not being used. Oracle has provided multiple methods to disable specific options. You can also go to our blog and check out public domain links providing different procedures. 
  • Check the usage of management packs. 
  • Optimise your architecture (the Scottdox report helps you by providing a granular server level view of license usage).
  • Re-run a Scottdox scan. You will now have a view of your optimised license usage.
  • The compliance report will now provide you 
    • Number of Excess licenses  OR
    • Number of Licenses that need to be procured from Oracle. 

Note: Scottdox provides you with details of initial usage dates and present usage helping you decide on excess/short licenses.

Can Rythium help you on procurement ?

Rythium does not re-sell Oracle licenses. Actually, we do not re-sell licenses from any publisher. 

We can help you by giving advise on what to purchase and also what could be the cost of purchase.  The advise we provide can be part of the License Advisory that comes with the purchase of the Scottdox license or it could be part of a separate paid engagement or it can be a free service.

We will not suggest where to purchase it from.