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We offer multiple solutions for Oracle License Management  –  from minimal touch to fully managed onsite management of Oracle assets. Solutions range from short one week task based engagements to long term programs to completely manage projects. Customized customer specific tailor made engagements are our specialty.

Some of our Oracle License Management Services

Audit Defence and Mediation Services

  • Advise on formal response
  • A quick self-audit that mimics an Oracle LMS assessment
  • Advise of negotiating the correct audit conditions and scope
  • Assessment of License re-organisation to decrease impact of license costs
  • Oracle Asset and contract repository for proof of ownership
  • Plan of Action

Oracle Self-Audit & Compliance Assessment

  • Self-Audit of the Oracle Estate
  • Mimics an Oracle LMS Audit
  • Compliance Gap Analysis
  • Provides Oracle Asset and Contract Repository for Proof of Ownership
  • Assessment of License Re-organisation to decrease impact of License Costs

Oracle Contract Negotiations

  • Identify Exposure within presently owned contracts/agreements with Oracle
  • Advise on required changes to the terms and clauses in Oracle agreements
  • Negotiation strategies to obtain the changes

Oracle Pricing and Agreement Advisory

  • Brief one/two day engagement to provide
  • Market and consumption based pricing levels
  • Advise on required changes to terms & clauses in Oracle agreements
  • ULAs and Pool of Funds not included in this service


Scottdox LMS - License Management Software for Oracle Database

  • We also have the best internal audit tool for Oracle Database. Scottdox is available to customers to run their own independent audits.
  • You can see details of Scottdox here