The Discovery Central module of Euladox scans all your systems on the network – desktops, laptops and servers for installed software.

The discovery is agentless – there is no client installation needed on any system. The system also works on LANs and WANs. Realising that enterprises might have distributed networks or disconnected branches, we have created a subsidiary module called Discovery Satellite to ensure more efficient usage of resources and complete software discovery faster.

The machines are scanned for various software details that EulaDox later uses for matching with the correct license SKU that is deployed. The system is also built for scale – it can manage discovery of less than 50 systems to any number of machines deployed on your network.

For those customers who might have systems that are not on the domain or get connected only through a public broad band network we have provided an agent based discovery widget that automatically transfers data to the Discovery Central.

Once the system is installed, it is possible to get the initial deployment reports within hours.


Software License Management is, in reality, contract management—albeit with the added complexity of license deployment discovery.

Euladox is focused on Contract Management. Software License Entitlements are governed by licensing rules that are typical for each publisher. Euladox has rule engines that manage generic and publisher specific contractual terms. 

Contract Management applications are not popular because of the burden of tedious and time consuming data entry. Euladox, by design, has been built with minimal data entry needs in the contract management module. Contractual clauses, Licensing models & metric, hardware details and software SKUs have been codified leading to error-free and quick contract creation.

Organizational complexity of multiple buying entities can be modeled precisely resulting in accurate software license entitlement positions. Deployment can be analysed in multiple views - across the group or specific entity, by location or by server, by publisher or licensed program SKU, by contract or by a collection of multiple contracts - in fact in any manner an organisation might need to. 


Euladox is designed for staying compliant with software license agreements by discovering deployed software and providing information to business to become compliant.

Gap Analysis between entitlements and deployments is carried out using complex rule engines built into the system. The rule engines are present across the system - some are built into the SKU types, some are built in contract management system and some, typical to specific publishers, are built as stand alone components.

The users needs to input terms from the licensing agreement, the system takes care of the calculations for entitlements and deployments.

License Gap and Compliance Analysis are carried out by comparing the deployments and entitlements. Since discovery & software recognition is automated, and, the entitlement calculations based on rule engines, there is very little scope for error in the obtaining compliance reports.


Seeing is believing.  Go ahead and check out the screenshots of Euladox. Our design philosophy is fully at play in building the application - the thoroughness to the last level of detail, the ease of use and the practical applicability of the solution. 




Rythium has surveyed & listed the most used and most downloaded software programs around the world. Euladox is getting updated with licensable software SKUs from this list. On date the system has more than 6000 software SKUs.

Rythium has, similarly, collected information of server models manufactured since 2004 by the major hardware manufacturers and embedded them in the Server Builder ( read more about Server Builder at On date the system has more than 2500 servers. 

Also embedded are contract clauses, licensing metrics, licensing models, product use rights, virtualisation and clustering technologies. 


The Server Builder is a unique and innovative component of Euladox.  The system mimics the manner in which asset managers and system administrators keep stock of the data-center architecture and application deployment information. 

The server builder then goes further - license deployment rules for most commonly deployed software on servers are built into the system. The server builder can automatically calculate the exact number of licenses ( Processors, cores, PVUs etc) deployed on the system. 

Non-discoverable licenses and application modules & instance data can be deployed onto these servers. 


Euladox is designed using PostgreSQL - the world's most advance fully open source database and the time tested Microsoft .NET framework.  For reporting, we have two options - pure HTML reports or the open source community edition of Jasper reports.

The system works on Microsoft Windows Server 2003 upwards or can be installed on Windows 7 onward.

The application has been built for delivery on the cloud or for on-premise installation. It is fully multi-tenanted and can manage complex organisation structures.

Licensing of the application is by way of perpetual or term license if it is deployed on-premise; and by way of subscription if it is used as a cloud based service.