The Business Urgency of Software License Management


How important is Software License Management (SLM) and Software Asset Management (SAM) ? Is it a critical component of the responsibilities of the IT team in an enterprise ? 

Cloud Computing & License Complexity

The IT community has been vending the idea of cloud computing as a panacea for all the ills facing the world. Well, in a way this is true. The author has been a convert to cloud computing since more than a decade – when the idea was still in its infancy. 

Unfortunately, the contractual agreements of publishers and some habits of the user community is belying the cost saving aspects of cloud computing...

Four Legs of Software License Management

The four pillars of Software License Management & IT Asset Management – IS/IT, Finance, Contract & Legal and Human Resources. It is important to capture the financial, physical and legal data & ensure HR discipline to effectively manage and optimize IT asset performance.