A seminar on Software License Management was held on 29th October 2015 under the banner of the CIO Klub, Chennai Chapter. The seminar was attended by more than 50 CIOs of Chennai.

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 Our second in the series of Focused Group Seminars - an event with 10-12 customers was held in Pune on 2nd March.

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Sheshagiri has 23 years of experience in the India IT industry working in global organisations such as Zenith , Digital Equipment, Compaq & Oracle. His longest stint was in Oracle Corporation where he worked for nearly 16 years – the last assignment being Vice President of the Technology Business Unit in India.

Sheshagiri is arguably amongst the best in software license contracting in India. His understanding of licensing metrics and their usage in appropriate situations, his knowledge of contractual clauses in different licensing engagements, his experience of techno-commercial negotiations are immense by virtue of his handling and advising on an estimated couple of thousand negotiations in his long career.

As an independent consultant, since August 2014, Sheshagiri has overseen software procurements of nearly $10m at contracted prices saving customers more than three times that amount in excess software expenditure. 

ANIL NAHATA, Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer

Anil comes with more than two decades of experience in the telecom, software and financial industries. His longest stint was with Reliance Communications where he was Vice President heading the Telecom Towers Infrastructure business and the Chief Procurement Group. He was also a member of the Management Board that oversees the operations of the company.

Anil is a veteran and expert in vendor management. He has first hand experience of software licensing challenges across a very large variety of publishers. He brings with him a deep understanding of customer needs in this area.

In Rythium, Anil leads product development. He is focused on developing the best products for software license management, license compliance and audit defense. His strength is converting complex fuzzy logic rules of publishers into rule engines that can be used to automate software license management.


Rythium’s mission is to help enterprises get precise control of their software assets, understand their compliance status and optimize software deployment to reduce costs and risks.  We want customers to spend less on purchasing software whilst constantly being in compliance with their contractual obligations.


Design Principles: Products & Services from Rythium will not just be "good enough" when compared to others globally. We will be thorough to the last detail, amazingly simple to use and have almost zero implementation times.


Integrity: All publisher related information will from publicly available resources. We will seek to obtain or utilize confidential information. Only general skills acquired by our employees during employment elsewhere will be deemed acceptable use.


Customer Centricity: In every engagement we will offer our customers a consistently great and relevant experience. This is an overarching principle for us to treat our customers right at all times.




Consulting, IT Survey & Analyst firms; SAM partners of publishers; niche consulting firms and SLM application publishers are among the business organisations active in the market of software license management. Examples of these are KPMG, PwC, Gartner, Dimension Data, Software One, Palisade Compliance, Miro Consulting, Flexera, Snow Software, HP etc. 

The Rythium difference is the combination we bring to the table - neutrality & independence, focus on risk management, each consultant having at least a decade of experience, the process of knowledge transfer so that customers can be on their own in the future.



The Rythium Partner Program is a global initiative to work with niche service providers and marketing organisations to take advantage of sales opportunities and generate revenue.

The Rythium Partner Program is open to a select few who believe in the same values we believe in. 

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Rythium respects the intellectual property rights of publishers and considers them paramount. 

We will adhere to all contractual terms set forth in agreements between publishers and their customers in our consulting services. Our products will strive to provide customers with the correct interpretation of licensing rules and product use rights. 

Our employees will adhere to the Anti-Piracy pledge at all times. 

All brand names, trademarks, service marks  referred to ( in this website, our applications, service offerings and our marketing material ) are copyright of their respective companies.